Natural Building

We love to build with straw and earth 


Did u know that more than 1/3 of the world’s population lives and works in earthen buildings?


Earth is an ideal building material. It is:

- environmentally friendly, non-inflammable and non-toxic

- damp regulating, breathing and acoustically isolating

- easy to model

- neutralizing scents, conserving wood and easy to re-use.


Besides, it keeps buildings warm in winter and cool in summer.


We believe in Natural Building


Through creating shelter and other building needs, using natural materials that are locally available, renewable or compostable, non-toxic and low-energy.


By building healthy homes and objects that are sustainable and efficient in their use and the resources used to make them.


Using our heart, body and spirit to build in harmony with the natural world around us, with as little impact as possible on our surroundings.

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